Bose SoundDock Series II iPod Speakers Bose SoundDock Series II iPod Speakers

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Notable Features:

  • Top Quality Sound
  • Excellent Company Reputation
  • You know exactly what you are getting

Speaker Overview:

Bose is one of the best names in the speaker business and the SoundDock lives up to the expectations. The Series II is the updated version of the Original Bose SoundDock. This new verision has more inputs and is iPhone Compatible.

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Speaker Details & Features

The Bose SoundDock Series II is a digital slate-like audio system, which can be attached to almost any iPod or iPhone model.

This could be considered the second generation of the popular Bose SoundDock, with the series II iPhone and iPod compatible.  The original soundDock only worked with iPods.

Like other Bose Products the SoundDock Series II has excellent sound and construction.


Bose SoundDock Series II Highlights:

  • Sleeker and slimmer look
  • Certified by Apple
  • Auxiliary input
  • Improved remote controls
  • Digital signal processing circuitry

Bose SoundDock Series II Overview:

It comes with a black or silver casing, which easily matches with your iPod. It can be easily fitted almost anywhere inside your home. What more, it is compatible with all the iPhone models and most of the iPod models that have click wheel, including nano, photo, mini, classic, and video.

The improved remote control system of the device can handle power, track seek, volume and playlist navigation from any part of your room. The auxiliary input allows you to play several other audio devices from your Bone SoundDock Series II including portable DVD players, CD players or MP3 players. The sound quality speaks volumes about its capability and further emphasizes on the fact that size doesn't matter.

The iPod charger can charge a docked iPhone or iPod, and allows you to charge the device without interruption. If you are near the device and the remote control is lying at a distance, the volume control buttons present on the system can be used for easy handling. The Bose digital signal processing circuitry on the device allows finer sound control so that the music produced is more consistent and lifelike, even if it is playing at a lower volume.

Great for:

  • Use in bedroom, living room, kitchen or any part of your home where you have to spend some time and want to listen to your favorite music
  • Those who are lovers of sophistication and class and want easy maneuverability with the help of remote control system
  • Those who want to connect their iPod or iPhone to a sound system to receive better sound quality

What's in the box?

  • SoundDock Series II system
  • Power cord
  • Power pack
  • Remote control

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Bose SoundDock Series II iPod Speakers

Editor review

Bose SoundDock Series II iPod Speakers 2009-12-17 20:13:16 Steven Johnson
Overall rating 
Value (Price vs. Performance) 
Sound Quality 
Style and Design 
Reviewed by Steven Johnson    December 17, 2009

Great for iPhones and iPods

Knowing Bose is a high end speaker system makes the bar a little higher for them. In this case, they have met it.

Exceptional sound. Put your iPod or iPhone on the dock and turn it up; it sounds great. The speakers are curved outward slightly to allow for more dynamic stereo sound that doesn’t mix and sound muddy.

It has all the functionality you need in a speaker system. It’s very easy to use and navigate. The remote is fully functional and allows you to operate the playlists and iPod-iPhone menu.

Perfect for setting up in the house, office or bedroom, the SoundDock Series II will fit right in. it’s modern, sleek and elegant. No disappointments there.

Overall, if you buy this system you will be very satisfied. If it’s a gift, the recipient will be happy to get it. With Bose they have the brand quality and reputation that is one of the best in the industry and the SoundDock II lives up to the expectation.


Bose is known as a premium speaker brand. They only make a few systems, but the ones they make are high-end systems. They specialize in making systems that sound great and work even better. They aim for no-flaws and they usually hit it.

Pros and Cons

High quality sound
Will play very loud
Excellent Manufacturer
iPhones Compatable
Higher Price
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Bose SoundDock Series II iPod Speakers 2009-07-08 16:02:09 Gary
Overall rating 
Value (Price vs. Performance) 
Sound Quality 
Style and Design 
Reviewed by Gary    July 08, 2009

Can't go wrong with Bose

After lots of research I decided to go with the SoundDock II and love it. I use it with my iPhone and it works great.

The sound is nice and clear and the volume will get much louder than I will ever need it to go.  This unit is very easy to use.   Others have mentioned the construction quality is not the best.  Did not see that with my unit, very well made.   Wish the price was a little lower but what are you going to do.

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Bose SoundDock Series II iPod Speakers


Price (MSRP):
SoundDock Series II
4.60 lbs
Play and Charge
Works With:
  • iPod
  • iPhone
Remote Control Included
Colors Available:

Power Options

Power Source:
Power Cord

Input / Output Features

Auxillary In for MP3/CD players


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