iPod Alarm Clock Features Explained

luna ipod reviewThere are lots of iPod Alarm Clocks out there and you need to make sure that you get the right one for you. This is a list of the different available features for iPod Alarm Clocks that will make your decision a little easier

Alarm and Time Functionality:

Alarms clock speaker systems usually come designed with built in alarm clocks that work without the iPod. Newer models still work alone or with the iPod. The latest iPod models like the iPod Touch make setting the alarm through your device easy, but setting it through a speaker system is always a little safer. Having a system that works with both with your iPod is definitely preferred.

Battery Backup for the clock:

This feature is a must. If your system gets reset by a power outage you may miss your alarm. Always check speaker systems for this feature.

Dual Alarms:

Waking up two different ways or having alarms set for two different people is always nice. The more alarms you can set the better. Some newer models support more than just two alarm settings.

Remote Control:

May seem like overkill but if you are in a dorm room or at a desk across from your Alarm clock it can be a very useful feature.  This feature is also useful if you are using the dual alarms for two people.  one person gets the alarm clock on their side of the bed and the other gets the remote control.

AM/FM radio:

Most iPod Alarm clocks come with AM/FM radios. Switching over to news, traffice and sports never gets old.

Dimmer control:

The amount of light needed during the day is not the same amount of light needed at night.  Some iPod alarm clocks allow you to adjust the amount of light emitted from the display.  Some clocks will adjust the amount of light automatically.  If you like to have a very dark room to sleep in this is needed feature to have.  Many of the models give off quite a bit of light and can make it more difficult to sleep if they are not dimmed at night.

Sleep Timer:

Like to listen to your ipod as you go to sleep?  A sleep timer will turn off the ipod at a set amount of time.  The timer is usually done in increments such as 120min, 90min, 60min, 30min, 15min. The iPod Touch and iPhone both support this in their 'Clock' app.

Gradual Wake:

The buzzer/iPod/radio starts out soft and then gets louder. This is a nice feature if you like a nice easy wake-up in the morning.

Travel Models:

Will I be traveling with it? Some of the iPod Alarm clock models are small an portable for travel. These smaller models can be used full time at home and then taken with you when you travel. They usually have normal functionality and digital clocks.

Sound Quality:

There are many different types of speaker systems for the iPod. Alarm clock radios can range in sound quality although their many purpose is their functionality.

I hope that you have found a bit more insight into all of the features that are available for iPod alarm clocks.  For a complete listing of iPod alarm clock reviews visit our list of all iPod Alarm Clocks

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