Logitech iPod Speaker Specials

LOGITECHCheck out these great deals on Logitech Specials iPhone Speakers.

Logitech sells all of its products directly from their online store.  The prices at the store are pretty good and they definately have a great selection.  It is still worth checking Amazon to see if they have any good deals going.

Deals at Logitech.com

Dented Boxes and Refurbished Items

dented-boxDoes a dented box or refurbished item bother you? If not there are great deal the Logitech Online store. They may not always have the exact item you are looking for but if they do, this is a great way to save.

I saw was a refurbished Pure-Fi Anywhere II for $68.  Retail Price is $149.  Not bad.

View all Dented Box Items at Logitech.com

Free Shipping on orders over $75

Free Shipping from LogitechNot sure if this one is all the time or if you have to click this link for Free shipping for all orders $75 or more at Logitech. but orders over $75 will get free shipping. If anyone tries this out let me know so I can update the page to help others.

Deals on Logitec Speakers via Bizrate

Purchase the Sonic Impact Lucky Brand Edtions

Purchase the Sonic Impact iP23 Roxy Edition


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