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Looking for speakers for your iPod, but not sure what all the options are?  You are in the right place. This guide is designed to help you figure out what you are looking for in an iPod speaker system.

Home iPod Speakers

jbl on stage 200idHome iPod Speakers are typically a little more fitting for bedroom, living room and kitchens (or around the house). They are designed for sitting in a fixed position unlike portable speakers. Home speakers focus mainly on y high quality sound and are sometimes compatible with Home Theater systems.

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Portable iPod Speakers

logitech S715iPortable iPod Speaker Systems are different then most other categories of speakers because they're design hinges mostly on transportation. Usually making design and construction a higher priority. Over the years companies have enhanced the experience of portable speaker systems to include internal rechargeable batteries, carrying cases, durable shells, and simple controls.

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Premium iPod Speakers

bose sounddock IIPremium iPod Speakers are speakers that are distinguishable in two categories, price and sound. The manufacturers for premium speakers (like Bose) focus their energies into making their speaker systems a luxurious high-end name with excellent sound, design and functionality. 

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iPod Alarm Clocks

iHome iP90 iPod Alarm ClockiPod Alarm Clocks look just like digital clock radios with alarms already on the market, these just have iPod/iPhone docks. Newer models like the iA100 and iA5 by iHome have enhanced the users experience by adding app functionality and Bluetooth.

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Travel iPod Alarm Clocks

iHome iP49Travel iPod Alarm Clocks have the same functions as alarm clock radio, but are portable for easy transportation. They fold up into carrying cases or come with a carrying case.

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iPhone Speakers

iHome iA100iPhone speaker systems are now prevelant in the iPhone/iPod speaker market and have similar categories to what the iPod speaker systems have (home, premium, portable etc...). The biggest feature is the elimination of GSM interferrence which allows mobile devices to not cause humming or distortion in the speakers.

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iPod Boom Boxes

altec im7iPod Boom Boxes are easy to distinguish. They are heavy duty portable speakers. They have solid construction, loud, high quality audio and some have opted to include a CD player, and have a built in radio.

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Bluetooth iPod / iPhone Speakers

logitech-Z515-230Bluetooth speakers allow you to connect your iPhone or Bluetooth enabled iPod wirelessly to the speakers.  This meany you can keep your iPod/iPhone with you and the speakers on the other side of the room giving you the freedom to still use your favorite apps while listening to music.

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Desk iPod Speakers

altec-inmotionmax-230x230Desk speakers are systems that will work well around the office.  Typically they are iPod Alarm Clocks or Portable systems.  They have a good sound and might be portable to take to a conference room.  One feature to look for is the ability to charge your iPod or iPhone, this way you do not have to remember to charge at night and have one less adapter and plug at your desk.

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