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Established more than four decades ago, TEAC is a billion-dollar global corporation and is a world leader in recording technology. When talking of consumer electronics in general and data recording devices in particular TEAC has carved a special niche for itself in the market. Since its inception, TEAC has diversified its operations and graduated to becoming not just a provider of consumer electronics but a force to reckon with.

Company reputation

Today the TEAC name is synonymous with high quality, high performance consumer gear, and it’s not a surprise that TEAC has been the leader in the industry since its earlier reel-to-reel recorders. Today it manufactures an entire range of components for both audio systems and digitally enhanced home theatres.

Product range

TEAC is known in the industry for a product range that spans across data storage solutions, consumer electronics, instrumentation data recorders and aerospace technologies. From simple magnetic recording devices to sophisticated digital and optical equipments TEAC has created a wide variety of innovative products.

Price range

TEAC has made its presence felt in the industry across a wide range of products dealing with audio, video and storage. It’s not by surprise that the affordable price range offered has been the driving force for roping in even the dedicated customers of other brands into its portfolio.


TEAC is synonymous with quality and affordability and is recognized as a responsive, global supplier of consistently high-quality products that enhance the capabilities and fulfill the needs of those who use them.

Top Rated TEAC Speakers

TEAC SP-X2i 2.1 CH iPod Speakers System With iPod Dock
List Price: $135.00

Best Place to Buy

0.0 Expert Rating

Key Features:

  • MP3/CD Player Input
  • Microphone input
  • Subwoofer

Editor's Note:

The Impecca SP-X2i 2.1 Channel Speaker System transforms the music on your iPod into an all encompassing audio experience. The Aluminum Honey-Comb Diaphragm NXT speakers and 4" active subwoofer surround Read the Full Review…

TEAC SR-Lxi iPod Alarm Clock
List Price: $179.95

Best Place to Buy

0.0 Expert Rating

Key Features:

  • AM/FM Radio
  • MP3 CD Players through Aux input
  • Awesome sound

Editor's Note:

Main Features Function: iPod / Tuner / AUX iPod Dock with Halo-effect Blue Illumination (iPod charges while playing) Digital AM/FM Tuner with 10 AM + 10 FM Station Presets Video Read the Full Review…

TEAC MC-DX22i iPod Room Speakers
List Price: $211.96

Best Place to Buy

0.0 Expert Rating

Key Features:

  • FM/AM Radio
  • CD Player
  • Alarm function

Editor's Note:

Built-in dock charges iPod® while playing Digital AM/FM tuner with preset memory CD player with motorized vertical CD door, plays CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs Powered subwoofer and wall-mountable NXT flat-panel Read the Full Review…

List Price: $99.99

Best Place to Buy

0.0 Expert Rating
TEAC SR-L200i iPod Alarm Clock
List Price: $149.99

Best Place to Buy

0.0 Expert Rating

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