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JBL On Time is a high-performance sound center that lets you wake up to music stored on your iPod. Just connect your iPod, MP3 player or other music source to JBL On Time and experience clean, powerful and dynamic sound. The upward-firing tweeter and horizontal low and midrange transducers provide a 360-degree sound field. JBL On Time includes a radio, clock and dual alarm, and is the world’s first time machine to include a menu-driven, intuitive user interface.

Compatibility – JBL On Time incorporates the Apple® iPod Universal Dock adapter, and is compatible with most docking versions of the iPod, including nano and 5G versions. A stereo mini jack connection allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of other devices, including the iPod shuffle™, MP3 and CD players, desktop and laptop computers (all platforms), and satellite radio.
Easy-to-Use Music and Navigation Controls – Just a touch increases or decreases the volume; another touch allows you to choose iPod, radio or auxiliary as your source. The five FM and five AM radio channel presents are simple to program. And JBL On Time remembers your source and the last volume setting, even after your music source is turned off.
Time and Alarm Features – Wake up to a favorite song you’ve stored on your iPod. The intuitive user interface allows for all functions to be programmed easily using navigation buttons that provide instant access to the menus. Change settings such as language, alarms and snooze. The automatic time-set feature provides one-button time setting.
Display – The large backlit LCD is easy to read, making menu navigation a snap. Automatic dimming provides the correct brightness level in any environment. A dome light provides a glow for your iPod; lighted buttons are easy to find in the dark.
Additional Features – Halo acoustics – The horizontal level optimization, or Halo acoustics, design provides a full, rich sound field from any direction. The upward-firing tweeter and horizontal low and midrange transducers provide a 360-degree sound field. OnePoint design – The OnePoint iPod connectors provide the connection to your computer. Connect the standard iPod cable to the rear of JBL On Time and, every time your dock your iPod, you’ll have a connection for synchronizing. Evercharge topology – JBL On Time provides power to charge your iPod, even when it’s not connected to the computer, or the system is off. Backup battery – JBL On Time’s memory is kept by a backup battery option. Even with the power out, JBL On Time will provide the alarm function. TimeCrawler – JBL On Time is capable of setting the clock automatically from any local radio station that transmits the time in its signal.
Advanced Technology – The JBL On Time combines many proprietary technologies to provide the highest quality sound, and reproduces astonishing bass and clear, accurate sound from any direction. JBL Phoenix and JBL Ridge transducers – The two Phoenix aluminum-domed full-range transducers are driven by powerful neodymium magnets. The Ridge tweeter provides accurate high frequencies. This two-way design provides a full, rich frequency response from the lowest bass to the highest highs. COE (Computer-Optimized Equalization) – The JBL On Time system equalization has been computer-optimized to provide a rich, complete soundstage. OCT (Optimized Compression Topology) – The JBL On Time utilizes a proprietary compression technology to ensure clean, accurate sound at high-output levels.

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JBL On Time iPod Alarm Clock

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JBL On Time iPod Alarm Clock 2007-12-09 11:51:25 Steven Johnson
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Value (Price vs. Performance) 
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Style and Design 
Reviewed by Steven Johnson    December 09, 2007

Excellent Sound for an Alarm Clock

If you are looking for an alarm clock that puts sound first you have found it with the JBL on time.

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JBL On Time iPod Alarm Clock 2011-06-29 10:03:30 Wilson
Overall rating 
Value (Price vs. Performance) 
Sound Quality 
Style and Design 
Reviewed by Wilson    June 29, 2011


I love this gadget. It is just simply great. But if you want to listen to music it is not the best choice for losing quality at high volumes (iPod is not the best choice either).
I had to cover the upper led so that I could sleep while having it by the bed. Since the display is tilted to much I have to lift my head from the pillow to look at the clock but this I can do.
Despite the price I highly recommend this product.

Pros and Cons

Beautiful. Stylish. You can show-off with it. Great sound on low volumes.
High price. The sound is getting worse at high volumes. There is too much light on it.
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JBL On Time iPod Alarm Clock 2009-10-25 19:07:23 Amanda
Overall rating 
Value (Price vs. Performance) 
Sound Quality 
Style and Design 
Reviewed by Amanda    October 25, 2009

Don't Buy!

For the first year I had this, it was great. After that, during the winter the screen would start to go fuzzy, now it just does it randomly.

I know two other people who have this and one has a screen that is broken and the other one stopped working.

Do not buy this

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JBL On Time iPod Alarm Clock


Price (MSRP):
On Time iPod Alarm Clock
2.50 lbs
  • AM Radio
  • FM Radio
  • Digital Clock
  • Play and Charge
Works With:
Remote Control Included
Colors Available:
System Type:

Power Options

Power Source:
  • Power Cord
  • Battery Backup
Three AAA Batteries

Alarm Features

Alarm Features:
  • Dual Alarms
  • Display Dimmer Control
  • Automatic Time Set
  • Buzzer Alarm
Alarm System:
Builtin Alarm Functions

Input / Output Features

Auxillary In for MP3/CD players
Subwoofer Out


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