Kicker iK501 iPhone-iPod Speaker Review Kicker iK501 iPhone-iPod Speaker Review

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Notable Features:

  • Powerful, rich sound
  • Stylish look and design
  • component tv output

Speaker Overview:

The Kicker iK501 was made to produce high quality, rich, well balanced sound. It has an easy rotary style knob for easy menu and volume control. It has a dock and auxiliary cord so many different MP3 players can use it.

Where to Buy

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Speaker Details & Features

Kicker iK501 Details & Features:

The Kicker iK501 pumps out some serious sound. Built to play music loudly, the kicker lives up to it’s reputation. This iPhone/iPod speaker has a subwoofer built right into the back of it and gives you full range of sound.

Kicker iK501 Highlights:

  • Incredible sound
  • Video output capabilities
  • Built in subwoofer, two 5” speakers and two tweeters
  • Easy to use nob and controls
  • Slick, powerful design

The iK501 Description:

The iK501 packs a punch in sound. Having a party? Set this speaker up and fill a room or outdoor area with excellent sounding music.

Adjusting the music and using the nob is easy to do and anyone can figure out how to use it. Use the remote to easily change the settings from a distance.

One of the best features of the iK501 is the video out component that allows you to hook up your iPhone/iPod to the TV.

Great For:

  • Home or desk audio playback
  • Watching videos on your TV
  • Filling the room with great, loud sound

What’s in the Box?

  • The iK501
  • Power adapter
  • Remote Control

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Kicker iK501 iPhone-iPod Speaker Review
Kicker iK501 iPhone-iPod Speaker Review
Kicker iK501 iPhone-iPod Speaker Review

Editor review

Kicker iK501 iPhone-iPod Speaker Review 2012-03-30 15:37:54 David
Overall rating 
Value (Price vs. Performance) 
Sound Quality 
Style and Design 
Reviewed by David    March 30, 2012

Loud speaker & Easy to use

If you are worried that the speaker you buy won’t put out loud enough sound, then this speaker can change that. I was pleased with the amount of sound that this speaker can push out. The only problem that I discovered with the loudness was that the quality decreased as the volume increases. It doesn’t sound badly at all. The decrease in quality is not very noticeable.

The design is strong and sturdy. It manages to be lighter than I would have expected. With the handle on the back it is simple to pick up and take with you.

It’s style is appealing and looks great. It’s angular design makes it look like a speaker system that would be called “Kicker”.

There is a total of one button on this system. How’s that for simplicity? The knob controls everything on the menu. You can use the knob to set volume, bass, treble, aux-in and stand-by (to charge the iPod-iPhone).

One feature I really like, but wish they had done better is the video component output. You can output videos to a TV which is awesome. The only thing is, it is not HD. Next time I’d like to see an HDMI cable output.

The remote has volume up & down, play & pause, skip forward & back, iPhone-iPod menu controls and power button. Nothing fancy here. The remote has a good feel and functions well.

For the display is not the biggest around. It could be bigger. However, it is contrasted well and easy to read.

With a MSRP of $279 you can say that it’s a good deal for a premium speaker like this one. Just remember it’s built for loud sound and is considered a boombox. After looking around at prices, and there have been much lower prices on Amazon.

Final Thought:
This speaker is meant to play loud, high quality sound. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker alarm clock, than this not the speaker for you. It's recommended for people who are looking for easy to use system with simple features and awesome music playback.


The Kicker iK501 has the ability to blast your socks off with sound. This premium speaker has incredible, powerful sound, cool design and is easy to operate.

Pros and Cons

Loud, high quality sound
Strong build
Easy to use
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Kicker iK501 iPhone-iPod Speaker Review


Price (MSRP):
Year Released:
12.40 lbs
  • Digital Clock
  • Play and Charge
  • TV Band
Works With:
  • iPod
  • iPhone
Remote Control Included
Colors Available:

Power Options

Power Source:
Power Cord

Input / Output Features

Auxillary In for MP3/CD players
Video Out


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