Logitech S315i Portable iPod Speaker System Logitech S315i Portable iPod Speaker System

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Notable Features:

  • Convenient compact design
  • Great sound
  • Internal rechargeable battery

Speaker Overview:

Made with convenience in mind, the S315i has a slick, compact design that makes it an awesome portable speaker.

The stand unfolds to reveal the dock which the iPhone/iPod can snugly fit into without worry of tipping out. This speaker has great sound and keeps up with most larger, non-portable speakers.

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Speaker Details & Features

When it comes to great sounding, portable, and easy to use speaker systems the S315i is a great example. The S315i is a smaller version of the S715i which is meant for portable, desk or home use. Although the S315i is not as big as it’s similar model it boasts of little difference in sound, style, and ease of use.


  • Great sound
  • 20 hours of music with rechargeable battery
  • Stylish, portable design
  • Built to last
  • Easy to use controls

The Logitech S315i Overview:

Great sound is key when the purpose of the system is listening to music. But, if it’s built for portability some speaker systems lack a solution to long lasting power without sacrificing sound. The S315i plays 20 hours of music without needing to recharge. Because of it’s thought out design you can easy bring it to your place of work, use it at home, or where ever you want.

Portability is only useful if the system can withstand the turbulent nature of traveling. The S315i is the perfect travel companion because of it’s size as well as it’s well constructed frame.

The S315i also has auxiliary input for listening to other devices besides the iPod or iPhone. However the dock built for the iPod and iPhone cradles the device nicely giving it an even nicer compact feel.

Great For:

  • Using in any environment
  • People who travel
  • Listening for long periods of time without charge

What’s in the box?

  • Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i
  • Power Supply
  • User documentation

Visit the Official Logitech - S315i Speaker Page

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Logitech S315i Portable iPod Speaker System
Logitech S315i Portable iPod Speaker System
Logitech S315i Portable iPod Speaker System

Editor review

Logitech S315i Portable iPod Speaker System 2011-04-25 19:46:04 David
Overall rating 
Value (Price vs. Performance) 
Sound Quality 
Style and Design 
Reviewed by David    April 25, 2011

A Great Portable iPod-iPhone Speaker

The Logitech S325i is has a superb build with great, compact features. It has sound that is pretty good for it’s size and is particularly good for it’s simple functionality.

For construction, much like the S715i and Z515, it get’s an A+. The build is nicely designed with tough plastic that feels durable. It’s also light weight, which makes taking with you very easy.

The subtle and simple button layout is a vast improvement over earlier models. Unlike those models these buttons are elevated and easy to press. It’s also easy to tell when you have adjusted the volume with a click as an indicator.

Easy to use button layout. Setting up and breaking down is a breeze.

The sound is great for it’s size. Although at higher volumes it does tend to distort or fuzz. Not really bothersome, but if you are looking for premium speakers, you may try another system.

Depends what you’re looking for. This is about as small a system you would want to buy for good sound. It’s very convenient with it’s rechargeable battery. It’s a good deal.

Final Thought
This system is built for portability. From construction, to design and button layout, it’s all tailored for simple, on-the-go use. And lives up to your expectations.


This is one of only a few iPod-iPhone speaker systems that works well for it’s size and purpose. The earlier systems did not perform as well because of their small size, but this one does a lot better.

Pros and Cons

Rechargeable battery
Strong, beautiful design
Simple buttons on system
Durable material
Could have more bass
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Logitech S315i Portable iPod Speaker System 2012-02-08 14:19:31 DavidLonghorn
Overall rating 
Value (Price vs. Performance) 
Sound Quality 
Style and Design 
Reviewed by DavidLonghorn    February 08, 2012

Great extension

Very, very simple to use and very efficient. Great extension

Pros and Cons

Very adapdableportable system with great soun experience
I cannot think of cons, I just love it
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Logitech S315i Portable iPod Speaker System


Price (MSRP):
Year Released:
2.00 lbs
Play and Charge
Works With:
  • iPod
  • iPhone
Not Remote Capable
Colors Available:

Power Options

Power Source:
  • Power Cord
  • Rechargable Battery

Input / Output Features

Auxillary In for MP3/CD players


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